Black Mirror Reflection: Bracks

By Gracie Farquhar

Due to a meteor from space crashing into Earth and destroying most of its attributes, the way society functions has been altered to an extreme. The year is 3023, and the world developed a system of classification for humans with the intention to offer a better way of life for them and keep order in society.

Humans are split into three classes, specifically known as bracks. Each brack is unique, catering to the different personalities humans engross. The bracks were designed as a way for humans to belong to a community of people that share similar interests and qualities.

Every brack is customized with its own dress code, jobs, behaviors, and more. Bearing no resemblance to the class system our world uses today, each class is equal in this complex. No brack is considered superior to another.

Children are born into their brack. They are allowed to switch to a different one they see more fitting once they turn 18. However, 17-year-old Harlow recognizes this system the world has adopted is disguised as a something brilliant, but is actually extremely corrupt.

While there are three different bracks curated to cater to the characteristics humans have, Harlow does not feel she truly fits the mold of any brack. Furthermore, Harlow feels she is the only person in her society that discerns herself as different.

Because of this, Harlow is conflicted about what brack she should choose on her upcoming 18th birthday. She goes to a nearby rooftop to reflect on her decision, and to her surprise, she sees something strange.

In the fields, outside of the large gate her society is encapsulated in, she sees human life. There should be no life behind the gate.

The humans she sees outside the gate look dirty and neglected. Through a difficult chain of events trying to abscond from the society and get to the human life outside of the gate, Harlow escapes and learns these people are just like her. They did not feel they belonged to any of the bracks, and because of this, society shut them out.

Since these people did not feel as if they belonged in any of the three bracks, they were shunned by society. Harlow is provoked by society’s attitude toward unlikeness, prompting her to make it her duty to avenge the life outside of the wall and fight for the justice of the rejects.

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