Black Mirror Reflection: Artemis

By Camryn Cabral


In 2320, the Earth is quickly becoming far too cramped. In response, an aeronautics corporation called Artemis has launched a project. The moon will act as the planet’s storage, aided by a “lunar elevator.”

Located at the center of Canada in Fort McMurray, Alberta, the elevator, nicknamed the “Masthead” after the song “The Heart of Canada,” has been commissioned to send crops and farm animals to biodomes on the surface of the moon so more land can be used as housing for the growing human population.

However, as this new collective project, signed on by the UN (different from the one we know in 2018), gears up, it becomes evident certain countries have further plans for the moon’s surface.

The countries of America, Russia, China, Germany and India propose the idea of using the moon as a landfill for human waste. In response, Japan, Iraq, Switzerland, Nigeria, and Australia become vocal about their disapproval of moving human pollution to space.

There is soon political unrest and tension between nations. In an effort to convince other countries that there could be compromise, representatives from dissenting nations are sent up in the Masthead to ensure that proper materials are being used for the correct and agreed-upon reasons, and to split the moon up into territories for the different nations.

However, during their voyage through the Earth’s atmosphere, the Masthead’s space pod becomes damaged. Oxygen levels are running low, and these adversaries are forced to try and work together to fix the problems occurring.

What they don’t know is the representative from Switzerland sabotaged the journey to allow time for the uprising against polluting the moon to take place.

The people in the pod all become suspicious of each other, but primarily believe it was someone from America or Russia to whom the clues are pointing. The 10 people have 24 hours to root out the perpetrator while trying to save themselves.


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