Black Mirror Reflection: AppleOfMyi

By Frances Jorgenson

In society, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is no longer relevant, because humanity judges everyone and everything from the first glimpse. Wallace and Samantha have just married and are trying to start the family of their dreams.  The new trend is a new mobile app that allows families to create their children in the image they want.

For years, there have always been ways for people to make avatars on the computer for different games and accounts, but now it is real life. Wallace and Samantha go to the doctor to attempt to get a technological prescription for the app, AppleOfMyi.  When you download the app, you are asked to upload the prescription before you can create your child’s DNA.

The DNA that is chosen is then uploaded onto a microchip which then is inserted into Samantha’s embryo. Wallace and Samantha start customizing their daughter to be tall and thin with big brown eyes and red hair; they are not athletic but extremely smart.  They want their daughter to be a triple threat – smart, athletic, and musical with some social skills too.

Everyone can choose exactly what their children are like even down to dimples.  Nine months later, Samantha gives birth to a beautiful little girl with fire red hair and big brown eyes just like they planned.  They are obsessed with their daughter, Eleanor, inside and out; she is exactly what they wanted.

As Eleanor grows up she starts having limitations within herself.  She is remarkably amazing at the skills Wallace and Samantha chose to give her, though she is not proficient in abilities that were not.

Nowadays, parents want their children to be good at everything even though it is not always for the best. Eleanor eventually grows to be color-blind and is not physically able to draw a straight line.  This causes her major problems when she gets to college and wants to pursue a career in marketing and design.

Her parents realize they have made a terrible mistake because they have ruined their daughter’s ability to choose the path most suited for her personality when they were trying to get exactly what they want. Looks have become much more important in the last few decades which leaves unanswered questions as to what the near future will bring.

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