Black Mirror Reflection: Analysis and Partner Match Process

By Hailey Cunningham

My “Black Mirror” episode idea was inspired by our society’s obsession and fascination with dating apps, such as Tinder and Bumble. I constantly hear about couples meeting on dating websites and apps. Awkward in-person confrontations and rejection are eliminated. It is also more convenient and less time-consuming to click through profiles of people on dating sites.

My “Black Mirror” episode is set in the future, around 2070. People are smarter, more technologically advanced, and have learned from history’s mistakes. The episode focuses on a young woman named Heidi, who is approaching age 25. She has been waiting for this day for as long as she can remember. This is because, in Heidi’s world, turning 25 means you go to Headquarters for your “Analysis and Partner Match Process” otherwise known as APMP.

The APMP is an algorithm and questionnaire process that matches you to your most perfect and compatible significant other. The test process is very thorough. The subject answers several questions regarding their personality, lifestyle habits, and history. The system then uses an extensive program and algorithm to match every person with their “perfect match.” It is all done on the highest tech computer known to man.

The APMP is required by the government to be taken by every citizen when they turn 25. This test and process are extremely accurate, and Heidi’s government swears there will be no better match than the one the test gives you. It is required by law for one to marry their match.

However, in Heidi’s world, people actually appreciate and look forward to the test. This is because the process guarantees a couple to be compatible and happy in the long run. These two people are a 100 percent match, according to the government.

The world became tired of 50 percent of marriages ending in divorce, which tears apart families. There are also no longer large age gaps in couples. Because every person takes the test on their 25th birthday, everyone is married at the same age. This is better for natural selection and consistency in society. Every person ends up with a significant other they are guaranteed to love eternally.

Heidi has just spent the entire day taking her APMP. The process was excruciating and more intense than she ever could have imagined. It made her realize things about herself that she would never have understood.

Just when she is starting to feel discouraged, the results are in. Heidi attends the matching ceremony and meets her match, Henry. Immediately after meeting Henry, she understands the importance of the process. True love is given to you no matter what you think your flaws are.  Everyone is happy because they feel loved and important.

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