Black Mirror Reflection: Always Watching

By Grace Gebhart

My episode is titled “Always Watching.” Set in the year 2040, it follows an 18-year-old girl named Sarah, who is into all the things teens are into today in 2019 – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, basically anything to do online.

For years, ads have been popping up on people’s phones about things they have recently Googled or places they have visited. Since 2038, Sarah and the rest of society has been experiencing weird things. When they even think of something, it appears.

Sarah will be thinking about how she is craving a smoothie, and a stranger will walk up and offer her a smoothie for free even if she does not know that person.

Sarah will go to a store and think about a dress she wants, and the next day, she will see multiple people wearing the exact same dress.

Soon Sarah is experiencing things she thinks of every day everywhere. She thinks of cereal, and the ad appears on a billboard. She thinks of something she wants for dinner, and a new restaurant is opening advertising that kind of food.

When it starts to get out of control, Sarah starts regaining memories of a moment a few years earlier. The government had placed chips in everyone’s heads to view their thoughts of things they wanted or desired and placed actors around to provide that service, such as a random lady giving Sarah a free smoothie or multiple people wearing the dress Sarah wanted.

The government was catering to everyone to get people to live a perfect life so nobody would leave the country.

When Sarah realizes that this is happening she tries to tell other people, but nobody believes her. She is then kidnapped by the government, and her chip is reset, making her forget that it was even placed there.

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