Black Mirror Reflection: Warriors

By Nicole Henderson

Each year, there is a recruiting process, but only for girls. Girls who have just become teenagers train for war.

The parents know when their daughter will be recruited, and they have no problem with it. The only person who has no idea what is going on is the little girl.

On the day of their 13th birthday, parents are required to throw a party. After the party is over, two women take the birthday girl to an undisclosed location that only the government knows about to begin training for war.

These girls are not trained for war the old fashion way. A microchip is placed inside their head that helps. The chip turns the human heart into a heart of an animal that fears nothing, and the girls kill anything that stands in their way. The microchip makes them forget any family or memories.

The girls are stripped naked and tossed into the jungle to learn how to survive. The microchip in their head informs them how to make weapons and clothes and hunt animals for food. The girls kill anything that does not have the same microchip they do.

At age of 20, the microchip makes them even more vicious and ruthless. All human qualities they once had disappear when the chip inserted. Once the chip is inside, it can’t be taken out.

At 21, they are sent to war. After nine years of serving the country, the women return at the age of 30. Not every woman makes it back alive.

Once they return to the training facility, the chip detects their age and switches to a different mode. The chip teaches them how to become human again so they can mate and have little girls that will become just like them.

The women are sent back to live a regular life, and if they don’t have a family within four to five years, they vanish.

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