Black Mirror Reflection: Verified

By Destiny Walsh

In the near future, superiority is based on social media accounts. If a person is verified on Twitter or Instagram, they have more privileges than people who are not verified.

If you’re verified, you would get to live in any house you please, especially large and extravagant homes in special neighborhoods. Those who are not verified live in a slum-like area without any amenities.

A verified user is called a “V,” and a non-verified user is called a “Zero,” referencing their importance in society. The Zeros would have phones so they can watch the Vs’ lives.

Each day, they have to like and comment on several Vs’ pictures and videos to remain in society. If they don’t, their futuristic phones will notify the “V Police,” and they will be thrown in jail.

In addition, purposefully damaging one’s phone in this society, whether you’re a V or a Zero, is a forbidden act. A Zero’s civil duty is to praise the verified people’s accounts.

The Vs live normal lives and can post whatever they’d like as much as they’d like. Zeros are allowed to post once a month, and they have many restrictions about what they can post.

Liam, a Zero, meets a V one day while riding his bike home from school. On his way home, a couple of Vs see him and decide to taunt him and pop the tires of his bike.

As he’s walking with his flat tire bike, a V notices him on the side of the rode and asks if he needs a ride. The V is named Abby, and he recognizes her from social media, because he has liked several of her pictures and videos.

She is a beautiful, blonde with a privileged life, but deep down, she has a good heart. She doesn’t act like the typical “V.”

Abby and Liam begin sneaking out to meet each other at night and fall in love. This would obviously never be allowed to happen because Vs and Zeros are not supposed to associate with each other that way.

Their only interaction should be on social media, when Zeros are sending praise to the Vs accounts by liking, commenting, or reTweeting. In the end, the “V Police” find out, and Liam is taken to jail.

Abby is devastated, but her father finds a V for her to marry. On her wedding day, she has flashbacks of Liam, and she ends up flushing her phone down the toilet. Before the wedding starts, the “V Police” arrive and the episode ends.

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