Black Mirror Reflection: The Plug

The Plug
By Jaimie Brooding

In the near future, when someone “plugs in” to watch TV or a movie, they actually become the main characters within the picture, and experience everything that the main character is experiencing. Whether it’s physical, emotional or psychological pain, they feel it all.

They are not in control of their own body or words and rely and act based on the script of the show. The person does not know the future events of the scene.

They do have the option to rewind, pause, stop the episode entirely, or fast forward. In addition, when the show is over, and they unplug, they are completely unharmed, but remember the show as if they had been watching it from outside like normal.

In this episode, Jessica comes home from school feeling lonely after a rough day. She heard she was not invited to a party hosted by her friends.

She “plugged in” and started browsing her Netflix selections. Jessica started watching a romantic comedy in which she was living in New York City, but she felt that the character was making her too sad, and she only got 15 minutes into it before browsing again.

You can see previews of each episode and movies that can show you the types of emotions and feelings you will experience. Jessica then previewed a show involving gun violence and a school shooting.

But when she starts to feel very wary and unsure of the episode, she discovers that she cannot seem to unplug, and can’t tell if she’s in her own reality or not.

She then must endure a school shooting where she is in fact the school shooter. At the end of the episode, she bolts up in bed soaking with sweat and she realizes she was only dreaming.

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