Black Mirror Reflection: The Game of Love

The Game of Love
By Kedrick Smith

In the near future, everyone wants to be in love, and they will do anything to find the person they are going to marry.

Young lovers seeing their soulmates play a game called Romeo and Juliet. At birth, babies are inserted with identical microchips indicating they are soulmates.

At age 18, the game begins. Each player’s chip is activated, and they feel a desire to be in love. Their thought process changes, and their only function is finding love.

When they hear the signal for the game to start, each player’s arm displays a digital map with a blue dot pinpointing the exact location of their soulmate.

The players have two days to find their soulmate. If they fail to complete the game, they will be cast out of the states. The game is citywide and statewide. Some players have to follow their maps into other states just to locate their lover.

Another catch is that two of every six players will have the same soulmate. Some players will have to fight, kill or kidnap to save themselves from being cast out.

Players will have an account balance of $2,000 to buy the things they need to make their mission successful. The first five couples who locate their lovers, will have the option to end the game or change the rules. They make the most critical decision.

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