Black Mirror Reflection: The First Amendement

The First Amendement
By Lexi McCoy

In 2050, a law is passed that prevents people from speaking to each other aloud. The only contact allowed is through texting or some form of media.

If people were revoked the right to speak, they would use social media as an outlet for their rage. The internet would begin to look like a war zone via Tweeting, commenting, etc.

As our generation heads down a path with media as the number one source of communication, the episode would ask: “What would the world be like if this actually happened?” or “What would people say to/about me if they could only speak through a phone screen?”

One character has never taken an interest in media and is crushed to see her speaking rights taken away. She tries to figure out what she can do to stop it.

Another character is obsessed with media, and loves that the only way people can speak is through it. She obsesses over the amount of Instagram and Twitter likes she gets, and she will stop at nothing to get more.

Another guy agrees with the first character, and helps her, but is ultimately persuaded by the obsessed, crazy, media lady to betray her.

The young woman wants to put an end to the media craze and tries to figure out a way to get her friend back, because she is the only one who doesn’t see that media is destroying the lives of everyone, and creating so much hostility.

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