Black Mirror Reflection: Swipe Left or Right

Swipe Left or Right
By Rex Ravita

Dating apps like Tinder are becoming more popular, especially on college campuses. I never got too into them, but I did try them out.

What shocked me most was when I found myself completely judging a person based off of my first or second impression.

This made me wonder: What if we lived like this? What if in our future, when technology will be even more heavily used, this idea gets out of control and becomes the norm to meet and interact?

My episode stars a good-looking woman who seems secure on the outside. Similar to Nosedive, everyone walks around with their phones. Only this time, they swipe left or right each time they see a person.

This version of “Tinder” wouldn’t be limited to just finding a mate or a relationship, but would also be how people make friends in this world.

Throughout the episode, the seemingly beautiful, secure girl would experiences a downward spiral after she gets a few left swipes. This demonstrates the nature of Tinder and how serious it is to some people.

This way of living would limit many people and breed more insecurities. It would end similar to Nosedive in which the character realizes her self worth and gets rid of the phone.

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