Black Mirror Reflection: Space X

Space X
By Patrick Chacone

Technology currently permits us to reuse rockets such as Space X, which continuously launches rockets to test their technology and learn more.

In the future, there is an Earth colony and a Mars colony with distinctly different ways of life. With continuous travel between the two planets (Space X reusable rockets), the Mars colony is significantly more affluent.

If Space X were to get 1,000,000 people to colonize Mars, the cheapest ticket would be $200,000. Your average man can’t afford this. Therefore, Mars would have a more lavish lifestyle.

The conflict would be between the upper class and the lower class, causing a revamping of proletariats and aristocracies. Tension would soon escalate to the point of conflict and violence, causing a class clash.

Ultimately, it would resolve with the upper class expanding science, education and resources leaving the Earthlings dead in the water with no more communication.


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