Black Mirror Reflection: Neuro Hacking

By Madison Rettig

In the near future, a man named Tim Fischer will invent a new form of technology called “neurohacking” in Germany, and the German government will use it to manipulate and control the citizens of other countries.

The German government will target the civilians of each country, making them turn against their own government, neurohacking each civilian’s brain to believe that fighting Germany is the wrong move. Civilians will protest and want to kill their government leaders for going against Germany.

As the war continues, all countries have been overruled by civilians, which means those countries are no longer in war against Germany. Every country now praises Germany for “saving” them from the war.

The episode ends with the citizens and leaders of one country realizing what German leaders were doing, and they understand that the thoughts they were having were not actually their own.

All leaders discover what has been happening and plan an attack against Germany. The countries invade Germany, and everyone in Germany dies from nuclear bombs and explosions in the cities.

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