Black Mirror Reflection: Mr. Perfect

Mr. Perfect
By Kate Albritton

The year is 2025, and there is a new dating app recently released called “Mr. Perfect.” “Mr. Perfect” is just like any other online dating app where two people interact through the internet hoping they will find a romantic partner. However, this app is a little bit different because the women on the app control every aspect of and are the sole pickers of the men they wish to speak to.

“Mr. Perfect” emphasizes female empowerment. That’s why it has become the most popular app in dating app history. This episode follows a young woman named Laura as she navigates finding love through this app. Within only a few days of downloading “Mr. Perfect,” Laura finds a man she is very interested in and talks to him more as the days progress.

After a couple of months speaking to this man who goes by George through the app, Laura decides it is time they meet in person and go on a real date. However, when Laura asks George about the possibility of them meeting and turning their strictly online relationship into one in their real lives, George becomes angry and begins acting strange. He shoots down every time she asks for them to meet up, and she begins to grow weary towards his refusals.

Laura, desperate to meet George and see what he looks like, hires a tech person to track George’s server to find out where he lives. After going through two different hackers who could not track anything back to George, Laura finally finds Jeremy who has tracked men through dating apps before.

Days go by with Laura and Jeremy searching for anything to tell them where George lives, then, suddenly, Jeremy makes a disturbing discovery. The reason George could not be tracked is because he is not a real person, rather a computer program that the entire app uses for all of the so called “men.”

“Mr. Perfect” turns out to be a scam where women are falling in love with computers made out to be like their perfect men based off of profiles on the site.

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