Black Mirror Reflection: Higher Powers

Higher Powers
By Mackenzie Brinson

In an age of frequent space travel, a nuclear explosion has destroyed the Earth, and humans live on a space station. Many space stations only hold people of higher rank considering the cost of expensive and limited seats.

There is one exception, an African-American girl named Rosemary, who comes from a lower-middle class family in the inner city. Her dad left her family when she was younger, making her strong and independent. Somehow Rosemary has found her way on the spacecraft after hiding in the luggage cargo.

Once aboard, Rosemary realizes what she thought would be freedom is a hell hole controlled by the government, or “Higher Beings.”  Every person on board is injected with a tracking device and a mind control chip.

The chip is inserted on the inside of the arm. Though it is called a mind control chip, it does not control your mind, but lets the Higher Beings know what you are thinking. This is to prevent unwanted terrorism, or so they say.

Rosemary realizes, as she is up wandering around late at night, that the Higher Beings are misusing the chip, and she goes on a mission to stop it. They are creating a tech-savvy army equipped with digital contact lenses that allow them to see through walls. They are also stripped of emotion so they will never pause to question.

The control room is located in the center of the space system. If Rosemary can get there, she has a chance to potentially save the lives of the people on board. Along the way, Rosemary discovers an unexpected ally – her father, the governor of Nebraska.

Together, they take on the government. They have from 11:15 p.m. to 11:45 p.m. to do it. This is when the system reboots and prepares for the next day.

Rosemary and her father reach the control center only to discover an army of experimental people connected to drip bags keeping them alive. The situation is worse than they thought.

They head to the control center, then guards realize what they are doing. They send for the Secretary of State and the Department of Homeland Security.

Rosemary and her father are chased through what seems to be half-lighted unending tunnels. The control room is found. By this point, Rosemary and her father are half beaten, bruised, and battered.

In order for Rosemary to turn off the control panel, her dad sacrifices himself, showing her the love he never showed her when she was little. Rosemary finds the self-destruct button.

As the scene ends, Rosemary has a gunman behind her and the button in front of her. The gunman begins to fire, and Rosemary reaches for the button.


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