Black Mirror Reflection: Fitbit

By Shanleigh Roberts

Due to the overconsumption of fast food and sugary processed foods, the United States has become the fattest country in the world. Because of the obesity epidemic, the United States suffers in ways that negatively affect its standing as a superpower.

People are so unhealthy, the Olympic teams suffer, production rates suffer, the economy begins to fail, and our military is no longer the strongest. The fall in the country’s status as a world power prompts the government to get involved with citizens’ health.

The government issues a law that requires all citizens to wear a Fitbit that is linked to a government database. They must meet a 10,000 step requirement every day and have their diets monitored.

The average weight of the country rapidly declines, and as a result, people start living much longer. The planet is already overpopulated, so with more babies being born while humans are living longer, the government decides to regulate how many people are living in the country at one time. Those who do not meet weight loss requirements and step-requirement for a combined five days will be subject to euthanasia.


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