Black Mirror Reflection: Indefinite Friends

Indefinite Friends
By Elliot Sudduth

For my “Black Mirror” episode, there will be five major characters:

1. Maggie Flowers is a young teenage girl, who is very pretty and passionate about life. Although she is beautiful and sweet, she is extremely naive, and is often too trusting of others.
Physical description: Blonde wavy hair, tan skin, blue eyes, and a bright smile.
Personality: Ditsy, innocent, charming, trusting, and oblivious.

2. Maggie’s parents are bit younger than most with teenage daughters. They are immersed in their own agendas and ignore their daughter’s presence for the most part.
Physical description: Very perfect-looking, almost too perfect,  artificial, fit, bleached white teeth, a bit robotic.
Personalities: Arrogant, superficial, narcissistic, impossible to reach.

3. The Government Agent Craig is in charge of social media interactions in the community. Maggie visits him a few times.
Physical description: Young, good-looking,hypnotic blue eyes, artificial-looking, tall, dresses nice, very approachable.
Personality: Flamboyant, expressive, charming, convincing, uncompromising.

4. Graham Jones is a new boy in the community. His interest in Maggie quickly turns into an obsession.
Physical description: Tall, dark curly hair, hazel eyes, bright white teeth, very attractive.
Personality: Friendly, oversharing, possessive, controlling, intelligent.

5. Ava is Maggie’s best friend, and is the narrator of this episode. Ava begins searching for Maggie after she goes missing randomly, and what Ava finds out will not be forgotten.
Physical description: Dark hair, dark eyes, attractive.
Personality: funny, sarcastic, practical, and loyal.

The story is set in a brightly colored world with perfect-looking people. On every street corner, there is a place called “The Outlet.” The Outlet is a robot prototype that helps you keep track of what is going on in your community.

Each community has a specific aspect of human life they hold most important. The community’s concentration in this episode is “friendship.”

The Outlet also provides features for the people of the community to help you keep up with your friends. You have three basic choices whenever it comes to letting your beloved friends know where you are at all hours of the day.

A government agent lives in your community and is in charge of each person’s personal relationship with their friends through “The Outlet.” This agent is in charge of making sure that you have an absolute total of six friends.

Three must be “indefinite friends,” one is the “free hours” friend, and there is the “school hours” friend. These friend roles cannot be repeated. You must have six friends in all that do not overlap roles.

Since the whole community revolves around friendship and unity, the school also focuses on the importance of friendship, and there are two “Outlets” in every classroom.

There is a weekly test on your “friends” and their activities of the week. You then are introduced to Maggie Flowers as she is reading The Outlet studying for her test.

Her three “indefinite friends” include her best friend, Ava; her mother; and her father. Her school friend is Jerry, her childhood friend and neighbor. Lastly, her free hours friend is her cousin, Lilly.

Then there is a flash forward of Ava crying, checking The Outlet and trying to find Maggie, who seems to be missing. This is a short scene, then it switches back to present time.

Maggie then receives a message on The Outlet from the government agent saying she has an important meeting. Maggie and Ava are concerned about what this meeting with Craig, the government agent, will entail.

Since Ava and Maggie are “indefinite friends,” meaning they know where each other is at all hours every day, Ava is allowed to attend the meeting. In the meeting, Craig said he believes Maggie needs a new “indefinite” friend, because two parents cannot be both categorized under “indefinite friends” if they live in the same household.

Maggie then learns she will gain a new indefinite friend named Graham Jones. Craig shows Maggie a picture, and his short accomplishments, and Maggie is excited to share her location with him indefinitely, because he looks and sounds like a nice boy.

Ava immediately is alarmed and argues with Craig that it is against the law to share your location with a stranger. Craig convinces them that Graham is a great guy, and that they should not consider him a stranger.

Graham is now Maggie’s “indefinite friend” and takes full advantage of it. Graham has a romantic interest Maggie, and Maggie is initially interested. But Ava is not convinced that Graham has good intentions.

Graham becomes obsessed with watching Maggie, and is abusing the “indefinite friend” feature. He stays up all hours of the night watching her every move.

When Ava finally convinces Maggie that Graham is creepy and a stalker, Maggie and Ava go to Craig to report this. Craig gives them a speech about Graham’s outstanding school and personal record. He reassures them they are just being paranoid, and that Graham is a great guy.

Maggie ends her love affair with Graham, and he quickly becomes angered. Graham follows her everywhere, and she cannot escape him, because they are “indefinite friends.”

Maggie then tells Graham off once and for all, and Graham said she can NEVER escape him. Graham kidnaps Maggie and keeps her captive in a discreet location underground.

It is now Ava’s job to save her best friend. After all, she is the “indefinite friend.”

The idea for this is based on the iPhone’s Find My Friends feature of sharing your location indefinitely with your friends.

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