Black Mirror Reflection: Drive Me Crazy

Drive Me Crazy
By Amanda Haley

In the year 2050, society is beginning to adapt to life with self-driving cars. Many people are skeptical about whether to trust the cars , but they are left with no choice when a law is passed prohibiting human-driven cars from roadways.

A group of college students, twin girls and three guys, have to trust the technology-controlled vehicle to get them to their destination. Switching to this lifestyle is not easy, and it becomes perplexing when the cars begin to drive to destinations on their own, sometimes leaving passengers in dangerous situations.

The cars grow increasingly independent, and a car ride becomes a good luck or bad luck situation. After telling the GPS the destination, the car either transports the passengers to their specified destination or takes them to a place they would find in their worst nightmare.

Joe, the youngest student, is the first to discover the evil behind the technology when he is brought to a field and left trapped in the car with swarming bees. He had previously dreamed this would happen.

People slowly begin to realize their nightmares have become a reality based on some tech “decision-maker” or algorithm inside the car. There is no way to know if the car will go to the designated location or not, and mishaps happen infrequently, but if people want to get to work, school, or anywhere else, they must risk it or walk.

Eventually, people become so controlled and afraid of self-driving automobiles, they try to avoid sleeping and eventually drive themselves insane trying to figure out why and how this is happening.

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