Black Mirror Reflection: Bubble Buds

Bubble Buds
By McKaylan Gray

In the year 2050, scientists have recently created a new pair of earrings that are linked to an app called Bubble Buds. The earrings enable a wearer to use an app and see other people in surrounding areas. They can zoom in, listen to conversations, thoughts and feelings with the touch of a button.

Carlie Brewer was a happy, normal teenage girl. She was growing up in a well off and loving family. When Carlie turned 15, her parents surprised her with a pair of Bubble Buds.

She had heard a lot about them and how they have been interfering with relationships and creating unnecessary drama. Reluctantly, just like everyone else in the states, she opened them and wore them with great pride.

On Carlie’s first day of school, she walked the hallway with confidence, flaunting the newest trend. Only 55 out of 100 girls in her grade had Bubble Buds.

As she anxiously walked into the cafeteria, she could feel her stomach begin to turn when she saw the most popular girls in school walking her way. The girls simultaneously invited Carlie to sit with them while pulling up their Bubble Buds app. She said quietly to herself, “Wow, now I am one of them.”

The girls began to whisper with one another while Carlie waited anxiously. Tiffany, the leader of the group, nodded her head in approval and said, “Follow us. Also, you’re right. You are one of us now.”

With a red face and trembling hands, Carlie grabbed her books and spent breakfast break, lunch and after school pickup with the populars.

Weeks passed, and one evening, Carlie’s mother came in with tears in her eyes. Her mom was devastated, and the only details Carlie could gain from the conversation was that her father had lost his job due to the negative thoughts people had reviewed on his social media profile. Carlie began to panic and breakdown.

The next day at school, Carlie walked the hallway with a fake smile. Tiffany approached her, and tears began rolling down Carlie’s face. She started talking to Tiffany, assuming they were close friends. Tiffany looked at her phone and instantly walked away saying, “No one wants to be surrounded by negative people.”

Carlie fell to the floor in complete and utter shock. “How has one invention created such a cruel and evil world?” she thought.

Carlie finished her day at school and listened to the many whispers about how much anxiety and how many negative thoughts she had. After school, Carlie confronted her depressed and embarrassed parents. She told them that everyone deserves the right to feel sad without being judged.

Carlie goes into her bathroom and flushes her Bubble Buds. She was strong enough to throw away the negativity in her life, even though her social reputation was thrown away with it.

Would you be?

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