Black Mirror Reflection: Birth Control

Birth Control
By Andranita Marie Williams

A mother, father, and daughter, 9, live in 2060, and crime and technology are more prevalent. When children are born, a microchip is implanted in their arms. This enables the government and law officials to track a citizen any time.

Because crime increased dramatically after 2018, a new initiative was implemented to capture criminals who were committing crimes and disappearing.

The microchip can be controlled by the individual who holds it to a certain extent. You can choose who you wish to share your location with. However, your location will always be involuntarily shared with law officials.

By this time, the world population has dramatically increased. There is an event similar to the draft, where a name is chosen, but instead of being drafted for war, the draft determines who will be killed by their microchip. This maintains a specific population, and ensures that the population does not exceed a specific limit.

The family faces a struggle from the draft. The father is scheduled to be killed at the end of the year. He has suicidal thoughts and attempts to kill himself before his execution date as it approaches.

He tries to convince law officials that he has a daughter he must love for. He says wrongdoers should be killed before those chosen in the draft. Unfortunately, due to technological advances, the father is killed through his microchip.


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