Black Mirror Reflection: Alexa

By Grayson Baird

Alexa is a new form of technology that mimics some of the things Siri does on iPhones. You can ask Alexa any question and receive an immediate, and for the most part, reliable answer.

This technology also has the ability to keep track of lists, phone numbers, addresses and birthdays that you can ask Alexa to recite at anytime.

In the near future, people rely on this form of technology for everything. Companies and businesses replace employees with deceives like Alexa, eliminating daily personal interactions.

The main character is a woman in her early 30s with a good job at a big corporation who lives alone in a nice apartment in the city. Her days are routine. She gets to work around 8 a.m. and doesn’t leave the office unless she needs to use the bathroom or take a quick lunch break.

All of her meetings are handled over the phone or Skype, and she has no need for an assistant because she tells her model of Alexa to keep track of everything.

She may see a few people as she commutes to work, but she does not know anyone well enough to engage in conversation, because just like everyone else, there is no need for her to communicate with anyone throughout the day. Technology does it all for her.

When she gets back her apartment, she cooks dinner with instruction from her Alexa and has dinner alone. This episode would showcase the negative effects of choosing efficiency and technology over actual human interaction.

As businesses begin replacing employees with new technologies, we see less need for people. If this technology becomes more popular, the unemployment rate will hurt the economy and our ability to make and keep personal relationships.

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