Black Mirror Reflection: A Beautiful Life

A Beautiful Life
By Noah Scannell

In a future overpopulated world, doctors have developed an affordable medicine that allows people to live longer. People can add years to their lives by taking the medicine.

However, this eventually leads to overpopulation because the medicine is so readily available to anyone. Overpopulation then leads to competition for food, jobs, resources, and shelter. Competition and survival instincts can make people do horrible things.

For a single mom, who is a mother of two, competition for housing in her town has become a huge problem. She struggles to feed her children, get them into school, and find a consistent job and place to live.

The family becomes homeless and often sleeps in their car or a motel. We are taken through her depressing day. At the end of the day, she discovers her car was stolen and finally reaches her breaking point.

The single mother frantically knocks on doors begging for a place to stay, but her distraught behavior leads others to turn her away. She finally calms down and politely asks an older lady she knows to watch her kids for the night, saying she has to work the night shift.

The old lady agrees, and the woman decides to rob a gas station for quick cash. She has always kept a small handgun in her purse. The robbery goes wrong when the gas station attendant pulls out a shotgun. The woman fires her weapon and kills the attendant.

She is hysterical after this, crying and running down the street when a police officer pulls up. She tries to run, but is eventually caught.

The woman is sentenced to life in prison, plus 100 years without the possibility of parole.

She took enough of the new medicine guaranteeing she will live to be 120 years old.

She is 30 with a life sentence.

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