Black Mirror: Face to Face

By Ashley Sekul

 When given the task to make my own Black Mirror episode, I pondered what my least favorite thing about technology is. I realized that it is the fact that our society is headed toward a time when humans don’t know how to interact without keyboards. Thus, my episode would revolve around this frustrating and apparent issue.

In my episode, people would be shown as living in their own rooms without any other human contact. They would have robots who go into the world and do things for them. The main character would be Kate, who has her very own luxurious room and high speed robot.

Kate has grown up living in a room by herself, and she loves it. Kate gets her robot to bring her food, run errands, and do virtually any task that must take place outside of her room.

In Kate’s room, she has a treadmill, which is enclosed in a box that has walls to look like outdoor scenery. Kate can exercise and lounge all in the comfort of her room.

In order to communicate with others, she simply texts them or gets her robot to go talk to their robot. This is the way Kate has made all of her friends, which was super easy because it was all done with the use of technology and zero face to face interaction.

Once the introduction of Kate’s high profile life is done, the episode will tackle the issue of Kate’s technology crashing and her simple life coming to a halt.

One day, Kate is watching television when the robot reporter warns that a power surge will be affecting the area for some unknown amount of time. On the day of the power outage, Kate must face her fears and leave the comfort of her box. She has no robot to use as communication and has no idea how to talk to other humans.

Once in the real world, Kate finds herself awkward and uncomfortable. She doesn’t have a real grasp on emotions or the ability to form thoughts without first typing them.

Her life becomes difficult, and she goes into a terrible shock that sends her into the hospital, ultimately placing her in a coma. This may seem dramatic, but technology is becoming so necessary that, without it, humans can’t really function, which can best be displayed when Kate enters her coma.

The episode ends with Kate being kissed by her robot, which awakens her from the coma, sending her home and back to her life of sad normalcy.

I would hope that through this episode, people can understand a great deal about how harsh technology can affect us. Although technology’s advancement is very helpful in quickly conversing, it has taken away from human interaction.

Humans avoid each other by placing their attention on their glowing screen rather than connecting with one another. Phones are unnecessary distractions that thwart humanity.

Albert Einstein once said, “It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” This has become alarmingly accurate as developments in communication create a world that only understands hardware rather than its inhabitants.

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