Black Mirror Reflection: History is Behind Us

History is Behind Us
By Morgan Feeney

In the future, scientists create a contact lens that displays a person’s past. While having a conversation with someone, these contacts allow you to read their names, past mistakes, and anything you need to know to characterize the person. This keeps people out of trouble and on their best behavior.

This episode follows Tessa, 22. Scenes are shown through the eyes of this young college girl. Tessa is a normal college student. She attends class and goes out with friends. Except Tessa comes from a very wealthy family. Only the high, upper class have access to the new contact lenses.

Throughout the episode, Tessa attends events like a football game, class, frat parties, formals, etc. Tessa is now able to see the past of everyone she encounters. It’s hard for her to handle at first, but she begins to realize there are others who already have the contacts too.

Tessa realizes how evil people are and tries to change them and find people who are genuinely kind-hearted, but others who have had the contacts longer than she has teach her how to survive with the lenses and tell her it is a positive thing. The contacts are meant to keep you safe and away from danger.

At the end of the episode, Tessa throws away the contacts because they end up doing more harm than good.


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