Black Mirror Reflection: The New Digital Age

The New Digital Age
By Margaret Wallace

My episode of “Black Mirror” is set in the near future in a time when social media and online shopping have taken over people’s lives.

In this “future,” any time you see something on social media that you like, you have the opportunity to immediately buy that item. Everything you see online has a purchase button right at your finger tips.

Purchases are all managed in your online wallet via smartphone, rendering paper money almost completely obsolete. Every payment is managed by the social media platform you purchase from, and everything can be bought with credit.

However, there’s a catch – the credit system is based on how many “likes,” “shares,” or “reTweets” you have. So, without virtual fame, buying items is next to impossible. And, since there has been a rise of online shopping, there are almost no physical stores left standing.

My episode follows a set of twins in their early 20s named Jane and Tess. Jane sees the corrupt nature of the digital purchase world she lives in and tries to navigate life without giving into the pressures of social media.

This means her options for shopping are limited for clothes, furniture, home goods, and even groceries because most physical stores have been put out of business.

In contrast, Tess is on her way to achieving social media fame, and, therefore, fortune. She is so totally caught up in the new world of social media, that she will do whatever it takes to get ahead.

Tess, along with most people, regards Jane as strange and eccentric for not giving into the new digital age in which they are living. Jane lives a simple, humble life, while Tess is caught up in glitz and glamour.

However, everything changes when a hacker ruins Tess’s social media fame, therefore taking everything from her. Their sisterhood is put to the test when Jane must take her sister in and teach her how to live off the grid. Can she do it?

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