What media or tech would you warn people of the past about?

“Black Mirror” envisions the scary near future of technology and media. Students were asked if they could travel back in time, what present day technology and media would they warn people of the past about?

“The reason “Black Mirror” is so scary is because it envisions the near future of the society we live in. As I watched this series, I couldn’t help but ask myself if this series would be as scary if I were to have watched it 10 years ago at a time when it were not so realistic.

“If I could go back in time, I would definitely warn people of the present day media. I would tell them that social media is not a phase, and that it is growing beyond belief.

“I would tell them to hold on to their real life experiences and real life human connection because it is ever so dwindling. I would tell them to hold onto the memories of their children playing in the sunshine with balls and dandelions because that picture will soon be replaced with children playing with iPads, gaming systems and computers.” – Laine-Alden Manosur

“I’d warn them to just stay away. All social media has done is either make the wrong people famous for no reason or just hurt people.

“I feel like I’ve lived long enough to remember a time without it, and I miss those times. As a kid, I used to play outside all day, but kids don’t do that anymore. Adults rant on Facebook about life problems, and some lose their jobs over a few words.

“To me though, the worst part is with relationships. Dating will never be the same again. A guy used to have to meet a girl in public, talk to her, ask for her number, call her, ask her out on a date, drive to her house to pick her up, and then get to know one another.

“Now, we skip all of that with Twitter DM, and within two days, we ‘know’ each other. Because of this and many more things, I would say just stop and think about it.”

“If I could go back in time and warn people about present day technology, I would tell them that it ultimately makes people much lazier. Once people start becoming lazy, they begin to become unhealthy. People, including myself, can spend all day surfing the web, checking social media, playing video games, etc. Because of this, a lot of us do not get outside and get the exercise, fresh air and vitamins that we need to help us stay healthy.” Caleb Brown

“I would warn people to set limits on the amount of media regulated and consumed. There are no so many platforms people can use to consume media, and on each platform are billions of individual pieces that all contribute to the mass media obsession within society today.” – Jaimie Brooding

“I’d warn them about the way that media consumes you. Checking social media constantly becomes second nature to you, and sometimes you don’t even realize it. I know people who only go out to social events just to be able to post a cool picture from it.”

“I would warn them of the dangers of allowing children to engage in social media too early before they are mature enough to handle it. So many young people (middle and high school) are obsessed with social media and take it more serious than they ought to. They put every aspect of their lives on the internet, and that could make them prey for predators, cyberbullies and trolls … Also, the percentage of suicides occurring among youth due to bullying on social media is alarming.”

“I would warn them to remember your self worth. Today, it is almost inevitable that we base some part of our self worth off of social media, either consciously or subconsciously. This can lead to so many horrible effects – depression, anxiety, isolation, self-hatred, etc. I would do anything to be able to warn those of the past about the dangers of modern day media and technology, because although it helps us tremendously, it can harm us too.” – Eliza McDow

“One weekend when I was home visiting my family, I asked my 86-year-old grandmother how times have changed. My Memaw has recently become an active Facebook-user, but she never expected technology to become so advanced. She used to tell us to ‘get off that phone,’ and that is something that has always stayed with me. Family time is so important.

“Now, parents will hand their children an iPad or iPhone just to get them to be quiet instead of actually parenting them. To this day, my family sits down at the dinner table with no form of communication other than our mouths.

“I think being in the present moment instead of being caught up with what Sally did five hours ago on Instagram is much more important. And that’s what I will pass on to my children as well.” – Abby Vance

“I would warn people about our desire for immediate gratification. We want something produced instantly, and we don’t understand the concept of hard work or conservation. If we can’t have it by next week, we’d just as soon not have it at all.

“This makes setting goals extremely difficult. We don’t want to work for anything because we don’t want to put the time into it, and that has created more problems for the world than I think we know about.” – Abby Tait

“Maybe I’d go back and warn people about security issues and hacking. Today, the Anonymous group is pretty serious, exposing terrorists and such. But technology is the vehicle that drives humanity towards a globally conscious society.

“I could go back and tell my ancestors about the internet and convince them to create the first phone or computer or something so that my family would be set … I could tell my ancestors to invest in Walmart or Apple.” – C. Olivia Sanders

“If I could warn my generation about technology and media, I would give them advice to be private with their information and pay attention to signing up for different social media or sites in general.

“People do not notice how much phones know about us today. Before long, they are going to put alarm systems on phones so they can detect when it’s not the owner picking up.

“From just signing up with Facebook, you may not notice that it starts to share your location. It tracks your logins, location of login and phone used to login.

“That should scare society into wondering who’s really watching them. If someone that they call ‘tech support’ can see that, what else can they see?

“People need to pay close attention to the little checkbox you can enable and disable when making accounts. Read carefully to see exactly what the website is asking and saying.” – Alexis T. Rhoden

“I would warn people about smartphones, such as the iPhone. The iPhone is such a scary technology that people don’t even realize that. Our smartphones control our lives, make us have less time with people, and make us more obsessed with social media.

“Smartphones aren’t making us better, just making us more alone and anxiety-filled. For example, you can now see when a person reads your test message. If that person does text back, then that makes you upset, having anxiety because you can see when they read it. You feel alone knowing you’re being ignored.” – Madison Rettig

“I think that I would warn them about being careful about what you post and who you send things to. I think that we sometimes forget that once something is out there, it really is out there for good. I know that I am guilty of this myself.

“We sometimes forget that there are certain photographs nobody would ever see. Nowadays, when you go in for a job interview, they will sometimes look, you up on social media before your interview, or after you leave.

“Keeping social media clean is a big problem for my generation, so I would warn them about that first. I would then go into being careful about who you send what to, which goes hand in hand with what I stated earlier. A simple text now has the ability to be screen-shotted and posted anywhere, sent to anyone. Something you took as a ‘joke’ could mean a lot more to someone else.

“Technology and the media are great things when used correctly. Just remember to be smart about anything you are posting anywhere and what you send to other people.” – Ashton Rawls

“I would warn them about the new ways that digital technology would give capitalistic systems power and enable the government to manipulate, exploit and abuse the people.” – Brantley Meaders

“If I could return in time, highlighting the very real danger of using social media tools, such as Facebook Live, would be top priority. Recently, numerous suicide attempts on platforms like these have led companies to monitor social media. Facebook, more specifically, has been reported to have hired an excess of 3,000 employees just for prevention. My warning to past society would include boosting awareness for the tragic alternate uses of live-streaming.” – Matt Thompson

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