Who would want to live in a world of fake popularity?

By Morgan Feeney

When we began to watch the first episode of “Black Mirror,” I was afraid to fall asleep, but by the end of the class, I was wishing for more.

There are always new shows and movies coming out about “the future,” but I have yet to watch anything close to how this episode, Nosedive, portrays our world in such a different way. In this episode, everyone is rated from one, which is the lowest rank, to four, which is the highest.

People are rated after every encounter with another human, so if you are extremely nice while waiting for your coffee, or if you are rude while driving, people still rank you. It is an interesting concept because there is very minimal crimes or even bullying, but it is all fake, and all of the characters can not be their true selves.

Lacie, the main character in this episode, is ranked at a 4.1, but she becomes obsessed with her rank and goes crazy trying to elevate her rating above a 4.5. Her childhood friend, who is highly ranked at 4.8, asks her to be maid of honor. On her road trip to the wedding, she encounters extremely unfortunate events and eventually loses her rank completely.

This episode, hopefully, can open the eyes of viewers about effects social media could have on this world. The director did a great job of predicting what could happen to our world if social media was taken too far.

Who would want to live in a world where success was fake popularity, and no one would seek true happiness?

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