Technology will not replace the basic instinct of human interaction

By Reagan Pepper

As a whole, I’m not fond of this show. It seems a bit much to me. That’s exactly how I feel about this episode too. I don’t want my lack of interest in this show or the entire series to convey that I don’t appreciate the overall message. I think what the writers have created is a brilliant idea drawn from our obsession with technology. So I suppose it may be confusing that I don’t like the show.

I am usually very easy to please with television, but every now and then, something will stick out to me that will fester throughout the entire show that seems to drive me insane. For this episode, it was Bryce Dallas Howard’s character’s laugh. It was honestly one of the most annoying sounds I have heard in a long time. She did it at the end of just about every sentence, and it just made me want to punch her.

But this a trivial matter compared to the reason I most disliked this episode. The worst part of this episode was that its entire basis was off of the fact that people receive a higher rating for being nice (even blatantly fake nice). This didn’t fully set in with me until I found out people gave other people low star ratings for cussing. And that’s some bullshit.

So from there on out, for me, this was a foolish concept. An entire society was created that basically would keep me from cussing. It would even keep me from giving a good rating to someone who does cuss, because the fact that I even associated with someone who cussed would lower my rating.

But I’m not saying that I discredit this entire episode because I just have to cuss (that’s ridiculous); I’m discrediting it because even in a hypothetical situation where we can give technology the power, as was displayed in that episode, it completely eradicated the depravity and debauchery of the human race, acting as if we would actually go about acting this way.

If people can’t cuss, then God forbid they listen to rap, or go to a strip club, or even wear a crop top. I mean the whole thing is ridiculous. The best part was at the end when she FINALLY let go and started going off on that guy.

I get it. The point was to just show how technology takes us over. So I guess this is my problem with the entire show. It just doesn’t hit the mark for me. I actually started the series over spring break, and made it through Episode 3 of Season 1 before deciding I just couldn’t stand to watch another episode.

I don’t have any problem admitting I’m too reliant on technology, but at base value, a world where I can’t even walk down the street with dignity without having a 4.5 out of 5 is some stupid shit.

But I will give this series one good credit – no matter how strong of an influence technology has in a given episode (that I’ve watched), the basic human instinct to have other human interaction has not been ignored. Even a world as enticed by technology as the ones in these shows cannot deny that humans need other humans.

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