Real things matter, not social media popularity contests

By Noah Scannell

I think the episode of “Black Mirror “called Nosedive is realistically scary. There is no doubt technology will run the human existence for the rest of time. It is everywhere and continues to consume us.

I think it is definitely foreseeable for our world to be similar to the world in this episode of “Black Mirror.” Social media and technology will continue to expand and control more of our lives.

It is scary. Living in a world where peoples’ fate is decided by a social media app is realistic and depressing. The episode often made me want to cringe, mainly because of how fake people were acting towards one another.

People did not speak their mind, but rather said and did what others wanted to see or hear. They sucked up to people with a higher rating than them hoping they would receive a 5-star rating. It controlled every aspect of their lives.

This episode served as a wake-up call for me. It made me realize what is truly valuable in life. For me, it is not social media, but real things – things that matter and change the world – not some popularity contest smartphone app to see who can get the most likes on their picture.

I am certain of one thing. I hope the future does not turn out the way it does in Nosedive.

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