People today prefer to record video rather than help someone

By Kedrick Smith

I feel like Nosedive shows the reality of social media. “Black Mirror” is accurately depicting how people use social media, and in a sense, the show is showing what social media and life could eventually turn into.

Mass media through social media could be positive, but because of the emptiness of not having high likability on social media, it has to become a show and competition for people.

Who has the most likes? Who is the most popular? Social media has turned into these questions.

“Black Mirror” shows that people feel like they have to post every single thing in life instead of enjoying the mere moments that make life grand. People would rather record someone dying versus helping them. Is life really a show? I feel that’s the question “Black Mirror” is asking.

The episode in which the lady was being hunted is a modern day problem. Humans would rather record someone in trouble just to have something to post, instead of stepping in to solve the problem.

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