In an age of social media, we socially impact one another

By C. Olivia Sanders

Nosedive is an episode from the British science fiction television series “Black Mirror.” It was created by Charlie Brooker. This episode is about society having a rating for everything that is social, such as food, conversations and personalities.

I believe this is comparable to today’s credit system. Not everyone can buy a new Mercedes unless they have cash in hand. The director does not particularly focus on the concept of money, but people’s worth is determined by the ratings other people give them.

The main character, Lacie, has a job, but she does not actually do anything. She just sits at a computer rating things. She actually becomes very obsessed with her rating fueled by her desire to be accepted. This causes her to have an embarrassing, drunken outburst at a prestigious wedding that she fell into the opportunity to attend.

A long series of unfortunate events, beginning with her delayed flight to the wedding, cause Lacie to spiral into a distasteful and vulgar woman. This could be due to the stress she experiences from preparing a speech for the wedding in front of people with high approval ratings.

The director may have chosen the name Nosedive to reference how unbalanced and unstable society can be. The punishment that Lacie experienced was strange. Her approval rating was put on “double damage” for losing her cool at the airport. The director may also be referencing the social impact we have in affecting one another.

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