After watching ‘Nosedive,’ I deleted all social media apps

By Elliot Sudduth

After watching Nosedive, I felt an overwhelming sense of guilt and fear. I felt guilt because I knew how close to that corrupted society our generation has become. I felt fear because a society based entirely on outward appearance and endless facades conveys the essence of what our society is today.

I saw Nosedive as a futuristic piece, but present and frighteningly relevant. I kid you not. After watching this episode, I deleted all social media apps. Nosedive, for me, was like looking in a mirror and seeing a corrupted, distorted, artificial version of myself.

I am not a fake person. I do not wear make up every day. I do not love every person I come to contact with, and I’m more than positive that everyone I meet doesn’t love me.

For the last two years, specifically, I have put on a show for my followers on social media – a sick, disgusting show that attracts many viewers for reasons I cannot begin to comprehend. Because that girl on social media who is unaffectedly happy is not me.

So thank you Nosedive. I have now realized how superficial I have become. Life is about raw human interaction, not polished facades who are forced to tolerate one another.

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